Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Planet Funk- "These Boots Are Made for Walkin' "

This song is a classic: from time to time it is rediscovered, remixed and partially renewed. For this reason you can't miss it! If you want, you can listen to it and work on present perfect continuos, contractions, colloquial English. Today we are simply focusing on verbs with -ing form.

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: -ing form

These Shoes Are Made For Walkin' .

Lyrics taken from: http://www.musickr.it/these-boots-are-made-for-walking-planet-funk-video-testo-traduzione/


Cultural hint: Do you know that this song was sung by Nancy Sinatra for US servicemen during the war in Vietnam?
 It also inspired Kubrick ....learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/These_Boots_Are_Made_for_Walkin%27

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Emili Sande - "Next to Me"

Ok, this singer is totally unknown to me, but her hit is absolutely fantastic! It goes without saying that "Next to Me" is appropriate to revise "will" but in this case, instead, I am focusing  on the study of prepositions. Enjoy it!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: prepositions

Nex to Me

Lyrics taken from: http://www.elyrics.net/read/e/emeli-sande-lyrics/next-to-me-lyrics.html


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Noel Gallagher- "AKA....What a Life"

Back again to UK...aka...also known as "Aka... What a Life" by Noel Gallagher....

Level: beginner

Grammar focus on: might

Activity:  Aka What a Life

Lyrics taken from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/n/noel_gallagher/aka_what_a_life.html


Cultural hints: this song has been used in a famous Vauxhall's ad recently. If you are going to download the listening activity, don't miss it! I guess it could be interesting as a warm-up video. Let me know!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bruno Mars- "It Will Rain"

A quite tear-jerker song today: "It Will Rain", which, I'm quite sure, will drive young girls mad, owing to its connection with the "Twilight" saga. I hope you enjoy it:-)

Level: preintermediate

Grammar focus on: verb tense in if-clauses

Activity: It Will Rain

Lyrics taken from: http://www.directlyrics.com/bruno-mars-it-will-rain-lyrics.html


Friday, 10 February 2012

R.E.M.- "We All Go Back to Where We Belong"

Goodbyes are always sad and this song in particular makes me think about how beautiful all of R.E.M.'s songs are. We will miss them too much in the future:-(

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: simple past

We All Go Back to Where We Belong.

Lyrics taken from:  http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/r/rem/we_all_go_back_to_where_we_belong.html

 Two videos are available:

Coldplay- "Charlie Brown"

Come on lovable losers, our determination and hope will bring us a brighter future.. I guess that's the message Coldplay want to send us!

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: simple past
If you want you can also work on will + continuos form.

Activity: Charlie Brown

Lyrics taken from: http://www.directlyrics.com/coldplay-charlie-brown-lyrics.html


Cultural hints:  do you want to  know more about Charlie Brown's history and the Peanuts' saga? Then go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Brown

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snoop Dogg- "Young, Wild & Free"

Today I am going to suggest an "energetic" hit: "Young, Wild & Free". I am sure all teenagers will love it! Anyway it can be studied above all by students with an advanced knowledge of English, as this song proposes lots of US colloquial words that are part of the youngsters' slang and are not usually dealt with at school. So why don't you try?

Level: advanced

Grammar focus on colloquial English

Activity: exercises on vocabulary

Young, Wild and Free

Lyrics taken from: http://www.lyricsty.com/snoop-dogg-young-wild-and-free-lyrics.html

Video taken from:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Amy Winehouse- "Our Day Will Come"

"Our Day Will Come": a tribute to one of the greatest voices in the history of blues, "the lioness" Mrs Amy Winehouse.

Level: beginner

Grammar focus on: will + verb

Activity: Fill in the gaps (no pool)

Our Day Will Come

Lyrics taken from: http://www.musickr.it/amy-winehouse-our-day-will-come-audio-testo-traduzione/


Cultural references: if you want to test your English with a more difficult text, read the prophetc article, "The Next Tragic Talent?" : http://www.observer.com/2007/amy-winehouse-next-tragic-talent

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Cranberries - "Tomorrow"

Let' s start from an Irish band who has finally come back again: The Cranberries! "Tomorrow" is their first extract and it has already been a major hit throughout Europe.

Level: preintermediate

Grammar focus on should, if ony, wish, adjectives

Today I am working on should + verb and I am attaching a fill-in-the gap activity:


Lyrics taken from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/c/cranberries/tomorrow.html

Here's the video of the song:

Cultural references: if you wish to test your level with a more difficult activity you can watch the following interview to The Cranberries and understand the reasons of The Cranberries' reunion:

To learn something new about the band, go to: http://www.cranberries.com/#news.
It's worth visiting it and getting more infos about the band performances goig on.

Enjoy yourself!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Useful tips to learn English through songs...

1) Listen to the song at least three times.
2) Listen to the song for the first time without taking any pen or pencil in your hand, just focus on the rythm of the song.
3) Try to identify the most recurrent words, i.e. a noun or a verb, especially in the refrain.
4) Do all the exercises and don't be afraid of making mistakes!
5) Check for your predictions and correct your mistakes.
6) After your correction, listen to the song again.
7) Circle all the new words and find synonyms.
8) Write sentences with all the new words you have learnt.

Who exactly stands to benefit from 'Sing along with it!' ?

Are you a student of English as L2? 
You can listen to the latest hits and improve your knowledge of English.
Seize the opportunity to test your grammar and vocabulary in listening and comprehensive activities!

Are you a teacher of English language? 
No matter if you are teaching to teenagers, adults or students with special needs, teaching songs will help you to arise your students' interest and motivation in real English.

Are you a linguist working in the field of interpretation or translation? 
Focus your attention on the linguistic or literary aspects offered by English songs: you will discover that songs are a mine of information on everyday common expressions, idioms and slangs and you always learn something new.

What can I expect from Sing along with it! ?

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!
Do you want to improve your English in a more enjoyable way?
Here is my tip: listen to the latest hits and test your skills with the activities provided with.
You will find comprehensive exercises (fill-in-the gap, multiple choices, put the words in order, etc.) and hints at UK and US civilizations or useful links to English speaking countries.
Every activity will be introduced by a short guide mentioning the linguistic level required, the grammar rules dealt with and the cultural domain of reference.
You can  listen to your favourite hits from your favourite radio on the net, watch the video on YouTube and read the lyrics on other excellent sites or blogs about music.
All the activities are free and downlable. If you want to improve my work, please leave your comments and suggestions and I will cherish them for sure!