Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Meghan Trainor- "All About That Bass"

Teaching ESL often implies selecting material with a social message for teenagers and when it comes to dealing with eating and bad habits, we know how much it is fundamental nowadays to stress upon complex concepts, i.e. awareness, healthy habits and self acceptance, etc. 
In choosing today's song, "All About That Bass", I'm thinking that all these aspects are positively expressed by the US singer Meghan Trainor, a testimonial herself of real beauty. Although some of you may object that the language is pretty colloquial, I believe it can easily become subject matter itself, therefore why don't you make reference to it, if you are planning a lesson on colloquial/plain English and synonyms to enrich your students' poor vocabulary?

Level: pre-intermediate/intermediate students

Grammar focus on: colloquial/plain English and synonyms

Activity: rewrite the words given into plain English and find synonyms for informal expressions


Let's talk about:  Photoshop and real beauty. 1) Who do you admire most: VIP celebrities or ordinary people? 2)Do you agree with the message conveyed by the song? 3) Would ever go under plastic surgery (or nip and tuck?)?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sheppard- "Geronimo"

Hi everyone and welcome back to a new school year! If you're terribly missing your summer lazy days and you urgently need a boost, say: "Geronimo"! As some of you probably already know, this new hit by the emerging Australian band Sheppard goes back to Geronimo, the Apache leader who used to yell his name before making any war. Quite in the same way, I wish we all can start this new adventure with the same strength of that legendary Native American hero....!

Level: upper intermediate

Grammar focus on: verbs of movement

Activity: reorder the verbs given into scrambled order


Lyrics taken from: