Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Coldplay- "Up & Up"

I'm so glad to take up this blog again!One year has passed and now that my baby is almost one year old, I can say that it was the best time ever spent with my family. Nevertheless I missed this blog so much that I looked forward to updating it with my hits and here I am. 
What better way than working on "Up & Up" by Coldplay? I loved this song, since I listened to it for the first time and once I watched the video clip, I was totally in bliss. I think this song is fit for adult teenagers as it gives a good chance to think about how much we as human beings are interactive and connected to our environment. Moreover, if you're also teaching literature, the line "See the forest there in every seed" may be used as a link to William Blake's poem "To see a World in a Grain of Sand". If you're planning a CLIL activity, this song is perfect to introduce the concept of globalization and environmental awareness, too.

Level: intermediate/ upper-intermediate

Grammar focus on: -ing form

Activity: fill-in the gaps (items provided in scrambled order)

Lyrics taken from: Google Play Music