My profile

Hello everyone! My name is Marilena Adamo and I' m Italian. 

My favourite proverb is an old Czech one, which says: "Learn a new language and get a new soul". 

As a matter of fact, to put it with Gardner's words, I was born with a marked verbal-linguistic intelligence and that's why, from the moment I learnt Latin at school, my passion for foreign languages has grown. Now I speak three languages (English, French and German) and I spend much time both translating in the fields of Linguistics, IT and Business and blogging in English, too.

I am qualified teacher of ESL/EFL in Italy, although currently I am working as teacher for students with special needs. I love my job and I constantly try to update my skills. 
In fact, I have always believed that if you enjoy yourself doing your job, learning and teaching may become much easier, more pleasant and more effective for you as a teacher and for you students, too. 

Teaching English through songs is part of my skills and I can  assure that it's really rewarding.