Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!
Do you want to improve your English in a more enjoyable way?
Here is my tip: listen to the latest hits and test your skills with the activities provided by our blog.
You will find comprehensive exercises (fill-in-the gap, multiple choices, put the words in order, etc.) and hints at UK and US civilizations or useful links to English speaking countries.
Every activity will be introduced by a short guide mentioning the linguistic level required, the grammar rules dealt with and the cultural domain of reference.
You can  listen to your favourite hits from your favourite radio on the net, watch the video on YouTube and read the lyrics on other excellent sites or blogs about music.
All the activities are free and downloadable. If you want to improve my work, please leave your comments and suggestions and I will cherish them for sure!

Are you a student of English as foreign/second language? 
You can listen to the latest hits and improve your knowledge of English.
Seize the opportunity to test your grammar and vocabulary in listening and comprehensive activities!

Are you a teacher of English language? 
No matter if you are teaching to teenagers, adults or students with special needs, teaching songs will help you to arise your students' interest and motivation in real English.

Are you a linguist working in the field of interpretation or translation? 
Focus your attention on the linguistic or literary aspects offered by English songs: you will discover that songs are a mine of information on everyday common expressions, idioms and slang and you always learn something new.

Useful tips for Learning English through songs:

1) Listen to the song at least three times.
2) Listen to the song for the first time without taking any pen or pencil in your hand, just focus on the rhythm of the song.
3) Try to identify the most recurrent words, i.e. a noun or a verb, especially in the refrain.
4) Do all the exercises and don't be afraid of making mistakes!
5) Check for your predictions and correct your mistakes.
6) After your correction, listen to the song again.
7) Circle all the new words and find synonyms.
8) Write sentences with all the new words you have learnt.