Music hits on the air...

This new section of the blog aims at proposing a selection of articles, comments or posts all related to contemporary music. As everyone knows, every day web sites and blogs talk about hits, top charts as well as the relations between new music and literature. Thus getting posted with them is the making of educators and learners who strongly believe in the potential of hits in the process of learning and teaching a second language. 
Here you will find links to articles, free resources and posts of relevance and available to anyone who wish to improve his/her knowledge about English as a Second Language.

  • Let's start from "Rise of Streaming" published by BBC on the section "6 Minutes of English" where the world of streaming is discussed. An interesting interview is preceded with the question about which was the most streamed song in UK in 2012 . So if you are willing to deal with the theme of modern music networks and you want to get familiar with technical vocabulary about them, you can't miss it! 


  • A basic Music Timeline at Google Research commented in our blog  at