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Friday, 5 April 2013

Robbie Williams- "Be A Boy"

As stated by Robbie Williams himself, "Be A Boy" is definitely "a song of empowerment".  Everytime I select one of Robbie Williams' songs, I have to puzzle a lot over the meaning of his lyrics and sometimes, even after a long time, I really enjoy reading teachers' comments whether it is a good idea or not to propose them to teenagers. Honestly, I think that it is a personal choice based on their audience and more specifically, they have to ask themselves whether their students are already well motivated or not. And what's more they need to consider if their pupils are sensible and mature enough to deal with spicier let me know!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: reported and direct speech

Activity: fill in the blanks exercise + turn reported into direct speech

Be A Boy

Lyrics taken from:


Linguistic aspects: I would like to say only a few words about this song, starting exactly from bout, usually used as a noun to refer to a very short period that someone can devote entirely to himself. Here I guess it is a colloquial form for "about", but I am not so sure!

Secondly, you carve your name into the street when you become very important and a whole street is named after you!Yet, in English you can also say that a plan, idea or suggestion is carved in stone or on tablets of stone if it has been fixed and cannot be changed for any reason.

Finally, the expression it takes a big man to be someone is probably a quotation of an other saying or song that means that without someone who is very rich and powerful at your back, you cannot become famous.