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Monday, 30 September 2013

John Newman- "Love Me Again"

Last week, Ele kindly asked me to give some suggestions about one hit loved by her students,i.e. "Love Me Again" by John Newman. I immediately got to work and thought about a series of activities that could be proposed to her junior high school pupils and I hope to get her feedback soon. As you know, my worksheets are usually quite generic so as to be suitable for a wide range of linguistic levels and I appreciate the fact the teachers, like Ele, diligently adapt them to meet their students' need. Therefore do not hesitate to write me and ask for other hits to be used in class, I am really happy to work with you!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: adverbs to show time and clarify, vocabulary, phonetics;

Activity: 4 different exercises are proposed. 

In the first one students are invited individually to tick out extra words and then they work in two, comparing their version (different extra words are added in the two versions a) and b).

Later they have to reflect on adverbs and find similar ones in their own native language.

Considering the young age of junior school students, I though that it could be a good idea to reinforce their vocabulary through the use of cliparts. In this case I am referring to OpenClipart ( and iCLIPART FOR SCHOOLS (the latter being specifically addressed to school professionals with licensing restrictions for web bloggers) that are absolutely free.

The last exercise- and this is new for this blog!- is about phonetics, since I thought that this aspect of ESL or EFL teaching, though fundamental, is not particularly cherished by learners. In this case I would get students crosscheck their results with the help of Macmillan Dictionary Pronunciation and Transcription.


Tips: if you're interested in knowing more about the making of the video, go to "Love Me Again"- Behind the Scenes., in which John Newman explains the origin of the song, his video style, etc.: