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Monday, 25 June 2012

Kasabian- "Man of Simple Pleasures"

What concept do you have of  the simple life? In "Man of Simple Pleasures" Kasabian express the point of view of a plain and simple man, often excluded from our own society. This is a pleasant song rich in idioms and phrasal verbs which we are going to analyse together.

Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate

Grammar focus on: prepositions

Activity: fill-in-the gap

Man of Simple Pleasures

Lyrics taken from:


Linguistic aspects: as said above, there are many interesting expressions to focus on. To start with, a measure  is the amount of alcohol served by a bar or pub; in this case 'Give me me whisky measures'  means 'Try out me! '.

Absolutely new is the figurative 'You throw stick and bones'  (Does it come from the idiom 'Sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me)' ?)meaning perhaps that all humans are wasting their time hurting the feelings of other people.

Reassuring (but also disapproving) is the proverb 'Every dog will have its day', i.e. that everyone, although mediocre,  can become famous/rich/ successful once in his/her lifetime at least for one day.

In conclusion  let's consider the idiom take sb. for a ride which means 'to fool sb.' or 'to cheat sb.'.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Emeli Sandé- "My kind of love"

As you already know, I always post the youtube videos that go together with my lyrics but I seldom comment on them. This time I am going to make an exception, since "My kind of love"  explores a rather delicate feeling, i.e. taking care of a friend who suffers from cancer. I particularly value these videos that go beyond the simple cliché-ridden happy romantic love affair and I hope you share my enthusiasm in proposing committed and sensitive artists like Emeli Sandé, a true raising star of international music.

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: prepositions (place prepositions + phrasal verbs)

Activity: My kind of love

Lyrics taken from:


Linguistic aspects: commonly  you promise sb. the Earth/ the moon  when you say  that you will do much greater things than you will ever be able to achieve (, but in the lyrics you find  promise sb. the stars. 

In addition to this, you hear that  sb. keeps one's heart protected, far away from his/her sleeve, meaning the opposite of wearing/having your heart on your sleeve, i.e. you make your feelings obvious to other people (

To conclude "Don't ever question if..."  is a strong recommendation that warns your addressee not to have or express doubts about st. you are saying or feeling.