Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Elton John, Dua Lipa_ "Cold Heart"

Hi, everyone! This year I'm having a class with a very low level of English, my students are aware of it  and in order to encourage them, I'm proposing hits with very basic rules, so that the more they'll approach to the real English language, the more they'll love it and improve their level! Here's a classic, sung by a rock legend and adapted to current fashion, "Cold Heart", with a catchy refrain, that even children easily sing under their breath.

Level: beginner

Grammar focus on: present simple of "to be" (affirmative and negative form)

Activity: conjugate the verb

Cold Heart

Lyrics taken from: 



Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Dua Lipa- "Lievitating"

Hi again, everyone! In my second class I needed a song to review present simple, personal pronouns, can and imperative and I found "Lievitating" by Dua Lipa advantageous for my goals. I know the language turns out quite colloquial right at the of the song but with mild manners I will explain my students what a register is and when they can use such expressions: -)

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: present simple, can, imperative, personal pronouns

Activity: fill in the gaps ( items provided)



Dua Lipa- "Love Again"

 Hi everyone, I'm glad to be back again with new suggestions for your listening! This year I'm making full use of Dua Lipa's song to review grammar function my students studied last year. The very first song I'm hinting at today is "Love Again" which I employed to revise past simple, present perfect  and would/ had rather. I hope your students will like it as my ones do!

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on:  past simple, present perfect  and would/ had rather

Activity: circle the right option

Love Again

Lyrics taken from https://www.google.com/search?q=dua+lipa+love+again+lyrics&oq=dua+&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j35i39j46i67j0i67j69i61j69i60j69i61.17075j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


Thursday, 17 September 2020

Jason Derulo& Jawsh 685- "Savage Love"

Hi everyone and welcome back to SingAlongWithIt! blog! Right from the Italian power hits I'm proposing "Savage Love", a song which I'm sure your students will enjoy a lot! I'm focusing on if-clauses and in the first lines of the song there's an useful clue, but I guess that this song, too, can be good to revise prepositions. Goodbye for now!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: prepositions

Activity: fill in the gaps

Savage Love

Lyrics taken from: Google


Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga- "Rain On Me"

 Hi everyone and welcome back to this new appointment!Today I wanted an easy time with my classes and I opted for the most popular hit in this period, i.e. "Rain On Me" by Grande and Lady Gaga. This song can help you revise past simple as well as work and teach prepositions to fix preposition in your mind for phrasal verbs and collocations, too. Enjoy it with your students!

Level: beginner/ pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: prepositions

Activity: listen and fill in the gaps

Rain On Me

Lyrics taken fromGoogle


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Zoe Wess- "Control"

Hi everyone and welcome back after this long break, ready for a new challenging school year! In our country Covid is still active and it plays a crucial role when it comes to make decisions about our students' coming back to school. 

While I'm keeping my fingers crossed, prepared to face up any scenario, I'm planning lots of listening and videowatching activities and to start with a  positive mood, I've selected "Control", the new hit sang by the great talented Zoe Wess, to recap a little bit of expressions related to time and averbs of time/frequency. I hope you 'll enjoy it! 

Please keep tuned for the next hits!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: time and space expressions and adverbs

Activity:  listen and fill in the gaps



Tones and I- "Monkey Dance"

A couple of weeks ago one my liveliest students made me listen to two songs added to his playlist and one of  them was "Monkey Dance" by Tones and I. I thought it was catchy, but I couldn't foresee that it would become a hit in a flash! So I am grateful to my student for his prompt, that I'm now using in my first grade class to teach imperatives!

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus on: imperatives and personal pronouns

Activity: fil in the gaps with the missing verbs

Monkey Dance

Lyrics taken from Google