Thursday, 12 December 2013

Robbie Williams- "Go Gentle"

The birth of a child really makes the difference in everyone's life, but when it comes to a rebel, like Robbie Williams used to be in the past, it is surprising to realize how much his young daughter,Theo, has changed his life. Listening to "Go Gentle", you will notice that the hit is not a simple lullaby, rather a genuine promise. In our opinion it is a good starting point for improving students' vocabulary and also for talking about the relation between our students and their parents.

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: adjectives, synonyms, word formation

Activity: three exercises are provided. In the first, students are invited first to read the lyrics and try to guess the missing adjectives (only the initial is given) and then they listen to the song twice. In the second exercise they find synonyms, while in the third they try to reconstruct the basic form of the words given. In this case, it would be advisable to divide the class in pairs and explain that they have to look up in the dictionary and make predictions.


Let's talk about: 1) describe your father's positive and negative aspects; 2) what did your parents use to recommend to you when you were a child?; 3) List five recommendations that your parents usually make to you.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Big news from Sing Along With It!

Big news today from Sing Along With It! As our number of readers is fast growing up, we are pleased to offer you new services. To start with, we opened a new email account:, so that now on you can get a quicker answer to your questions and comments,too.
Secondly, we are currently working on a new section of our blog, entitled "Let's talk about...", where you can find suggestions for speaking activities in your class. More specifically, our purpose is to integrate our basic listening activities with more teaching resources that can help you to promote the use of songs in ESL/EFL learning.
Thirdly, we are now on Facebook with our page "Sing Along With It". Click on "I like" and you will be updated regularly with our news, teaching hints and weekly activities, too.

Needless to say, our plans do not stop there! We are already working on new sections and pages...therefore stay tuned and continue to follow us!

Western Disco feat. Lura- "The Sun"

Everybody loves this song for its light-hearted spirit: although in the northern hemisphere it's wintertime and it's cold, "The Sun" by Western Disco is clearly associated by our students with their most beloved season, summer!

Level: elementary (it can easily be adapted to children aged 6 years and over)

Grammar focus on: adjectives

Activity: fill-in-the gaps (words provided)

The Sun

Lyrics taken from: sing365

Tips for teachers: As a follow-up activity, I was looking for a YouTube version of the song with subtitles/captions, because initially our idea was to divide the class into two main groups and let them sing parts of it in a karaoke style. Unfortunately we couldn't, but considering also that YouTube is severely restricted in many institutions (like schools or colleges), we thought that it could be interesting to create a "memory game" with your class.
Namely, after listening to the song twice, your students are invited to write down as many words as they can remember. The student who notes down the highest number of words, wins the "memory competition" of the class.

Let's talk about: 1) the weather forecast; 2) when it's sunny, I can do/play/... (activities); 3) are you weather sensitive?.