Sunday, 15 April 2018

U2- "Get Out Of Your Own Way"

Back again with an other extract from U2's latest album "Songs of Experience" (I've already dealt with it here), today's hit, "Get Out Of Your Own Way", plays a major role while speaking to your students about war and its consequences. True to what's happening in Siria in these days, I think you could use my worksheet to focus on vocabulary about war and peace. The song has many hints at the contemporary US politics and make our students reflect upon the current situation in Siria. Before doing the listening activity I would propose my students to watch the video with no presentation or comment and then ask them to detect the message of the song we're going to listen together, but let me know if you have other options for it. 

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: vocabulary

Activity: listen and fill in the gaps (items provided)

Lyrics taken from: Angolo Testi


Saturday, 7 April 2018

Leo Stannard ft. Frances- "Gravity"

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! The song, I'm writing about today, "Gravity", is one of my favourite songs, while driving home, after a hard day at work, when I really need to calm down a little. I have often listened it sung by the young British singer Leo Stannard and the Italian pop singer Chiara Galiazzo (hence its popularity here in Italy), but I found out that the original version as well as the videoclip were performed by Stannard with an other British singer, Frances. Moreover I consider this hit appropriate for beginners who want to approach prepositions and phrasal verbs in English or simply revise  the present, too.

Level: beginner

Grammar focus on: prepositions, phrasal verbs

Activity: circle the right option