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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau- "Changes"

On the basis of one of the biggest hits at the moment, "Changes", I'd like to speak about the importance of storytelling in dealing with songs. As you already know, oral interaction plays a fundamental role in ESL, but one may wonder: one can you combine ESL songs and speaking activities? This week I'm going to add an extra infographic, that briefly illustrate how you can develop storytelling in your class, by simply working on the video clip of a song. In this case, I would suggest that you show your class first the video clip and only after that you can go on with the listening activity. I'm sure your students will enjoy it, just have a look at the YouTube video (linked below) and you will agree with me!

Level: any 

Grammar focus on: just, maybe

Activity: let's focus on storytelling. First let the video play and decide which aspect you would like to analyse. Secondly, ask your students to listen to the song. Finally get them involved with their personal experiences in the Let's talk about section. 

(Cliparts taken from

Lyrics taken from


Let's talk about teenagers' lifestyle: 1) Have you ever taken part in a bravado with your friends? 2) Have you ever bullied against someone? How do you feel now? 3) Have you ever been bullied? How do you feel about that?