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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jutty Ranx- "I See You"

A very special duo called "Jutty Ranx" has released this song, "I See You", a mix of dance, pop and Caribbean rhythms that I am sure you will appreciate. Such lyrics are captivating and so rich in phrasal verbs and idioms that I couldn't help but choosing them for the below section "Linguistic Aspects"!

Level: intermediate

Grammar focus on: phrasal verbs

Activity: fill in the gaps (no words provided)

I See You

Lyrics taken from:


Linguistic aspects : let's separate this section into two parts, one on phrasal verbs and the other on idioms.

To start with phrasal verbs, you break through when you force your way among obstacles. 
You see through something when you realize that something is not true and you don't accept to be cheated at all, whereas you see something through (pay attention to the different word order!) every time you continue doing that thing until it is accomplished.
Further, whenever you are trying to catch someone's attention, by annoying or upsetting him/her, you are clearly trying to get to him/her. Also you fall upon something as soon as your eyes are attracted by that and you begin to notice it.
On the contrary you get behind something if you cannot keep pace with it. This phrasal verb is generally used in terms of payments, meaning that you cannot pay regularly.
Finally you look back on something (this is an example of a three part phrasal verb) when you think about a person, a place or an event which happened in the past.

Equally important are the idiomatic expressions: who knows what a tunnel vision is? It is a medical condition that causes you to see only what is in front of you. Therefore you give a tunnel vision in case you have a narrow-minded view of life. What happens instead if you die on spot? It implies that you are unluckily dying immediately  or  right away. 
Going further, the expression " You cross the party line" is pronounced  when you go against the tide and you oppose the official policy or common opinion of the establishment. 
Besides a nice compliment to say to someone is: "You make me moves" if you want to say that he/she is motivating you and further your agenda.
Let's consider then the expression "something comes into focus", used to describe a phenomenon or event that at a certain moment can be seen or understood clearly by anyone.
Besides an interesting pun is "my heart is an open book" that conveys the meaning that it is easy to guess what I am thinking or feeling and later on "You just take it off the shelf": a product is in fact taken off the shelves when it is no longer sold. Here it signifies that my heart is leaping again for you after a long time.
Let's conclude today with the idiom "It doesn't cost a thing/ a fortune/ the earth/ a bomb!" intended as something that you can easily do with no effort or risk of your own.